Business Protection


Business Protection

Small and medium businesses face many insurable risks such as fire, theft, flooding, damage to stock etc.   However most businesses ignore some of the biggest and far reaching risks which could ultimately close the business. 

Our Business Protection will review will:

  1. Identify and quantify the risks and exposures that your business faces if a key person or business owner falls ill or dies. 
  2. Audit the existing plans, if any, to determine the extent to which risks are covered.
  3. Ensuring any shortfalls in business protection are dealt with in the most cost and tax efficient way. 

Some key questions to ask:

  • Is there any one person or persons central to the ongoing success of the business.
  • Is there more than one business owner? If so what would happen the share of a deceased owner.   
  • Would his/her spouse and/or children want to get involved in the business?
  • Would the estate of the deceased look for a cash settlement for his/her shares?

If these are questions that are unanswered feel free to avail of the Business Protection Review to have a clear understanding of your options.